"Cavity Structural Effect & Insect Antigravity"
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"Cavity Structural Effect & Insect Antigravity"


("Flight", Chapter V of V. S. Grebennikov's "My World") By Iu. N.
Cherednichenko, Senior Researcher, Biophysics Laboratory, Institute of
Human Pathology and Ecology, Russian Academy of Medical Science

Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov is a naturalist and a professional
entomologist. He is also an artist and an intellectual with a wide range
of interests and pursuits. He is known to many as the discoverer of the
Cavity Structures Effect (CSE). But very few people are familiar with
his other discovery, the one that also borrows from Nature and its
innermost secrets. He has discovered anti gravitational effects of the
chitin shell of certain insects back in 1988 but, the most impressive
concomitant phenomenon he has discovered at the same time was that of
complete or partial invisibility and/or of distorted perception of
material objects entering the zone of compensated gravity. Based on this
discovery, Victor Grebennikov used bionic principles to design and build
an anti gravitational platform for dirigible flights at the speeds of up
to 25 km/min. Since 1991-92 he has used this device for his own fast