The Silver Hare by M. Carol Assa
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The Silver Hare by M. Carol Assa 

2011 is the year of the white yin metal rabbit.  Yin metal refers to silver, so the year is also called the year of “The Silver Metal Hare”, which sounds much more eloquent!  Since the ruling element of the year is silver, I decided to focus on some of it’s amazing properties in relation to our health and well being. 

The antibacterial properties of pure silver have been known for thousands of years throughout the world.  The ancient Chinese used silver to heal infectious illnesses by rubbing a piece of silver on the skin or sucking on it.  They made their chopsticks with silver tips to transfer food from plate to plate and then ate with them.  The chopsticks, when not in use, rested on a silver chopstick holder (if they could afford one)!Small silver plates were routinely inserted into each of the Emperor’s dishes to check for poison. 

During the Black Plaque, The British Royalty (who had had long contact with the Chinese) discovered that they could protect themselves by cooking food in silver containers and using silver utensils.  Research has found that those who had access to silver were virtually immune to the Bubonic Plague. 

However, all of this ingested silver gave them a blue tint and this is why they were known as “Blue Bloods”!  The saying “he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth” originates from this same time period.

Today, there has been a myriad of studies on the germ fighting ability of silver, and even NASA uses the silver based water filtration systems on space flights to help prevent bacterial contamination during their long journeys into space.  The UCLA School of Medicine has discovered 650 different bacteria, viruses and fungi which are unable to live in the presence of silver. 

Silver is already used as a sanitizing agent in spas, hot tubs and swimming pools across America, by people who prefer not to use harsh chemicals such as chlorine or bromide.  It is incredibly effective at preventing the growth of infectious microorganisms in water.  Simply putting a sterling silver spoon in a glass of water, will kill most harmful bacteria. 

Most countries around the world have unconsciously inherited this wisdom and use silver pacifiers for their babies and give their children silver spoons to suck on.

So, isn’t it time to bring out the sterling silver?  If you don’t have any, there is always Ebay, and estate sales!  With all of the super pathogens on the rise, antibiotics that no longer work, or have many unpleasant side effects, why not use real silverware?  Can’t hurt and the food might even taste better!  Sterling silver is stamped with the word “Sterling” or the number 925.